The People behind Green Desert

Value #1 – Ambition
We strive for excellence and absolute compliance with the international humanitarian standards, to insure high quality of all assistances delivered to all people in need.
Value #2 – Equity & Equality
We assist all in need with the same level of passion, integrity and quality, providing different assistances in modality and density in line with the diverse needs of beneficiaries.
Value #3 – Neutrality & impartiality
We do not take sides in conflicts or engage in controversies of a political, racial, religious, or ideological nature. Our assistances to the individuals in need are based solely on needs, and without discrimination as to nationality, race, religious beliefs, class, or political opinions.
Value #4 – Transparency
We are committed to openness and transparency with the respect to financing of the office. Green Desert finances and will keep financing its official activities and those of its office solely through its’ regular budget and the trust fund of the organization.
Value #5 – Dedication
We are dedicated to bring best services and achieve best results possible. We believe in hard work. Green Desert is a team of passionate and committed humanitarians who put team spirit, positive attitude and a desire to improve lives first.

Bryar Jabar Bagg

Founder & General director

Rebeen Fadhil Khalid

Co-founder & Deputy General Director

Khalid Jaff

Finance Director

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