About us

Our mission is to support refugees, the displaced and the host community through immediate response to their needs and hence ensuring lasting change in their lives.

Our vision is a world where the rights of all vulnerable are attained.

The Story of Green Desert

In 2011 the Syrian civil war started, civilians started fleeing their homes. Kurdistan Region of Iraq was a destination for more than 250,000 Syrian refugees, who constitute 98 percent of all Syrian refugees in Iraq.

In 2013 the ISIS crisis emerged in Iraq, in result 1.5 million IDPs fled to Kurdistan.

Since the start of both crisis, UN agencies and many other international organizations have delivered a good deal of aid and services, more materialistic and primary than psychological, because of the nature of the emergency. 8 years into the Syrian crisis and 5 years into the ISIS crisis, the refugees and internally displaced persons of the region are suffering from trauma and are in need of continuous psychotherapy and psychosocial support. A big number of children don’t have access to education, safe spaces and are in need of protection.

Establishing a local organization that insures continuity and sustainability in mental health, education and child protection, seemed the responsible thing to do.

The People behind Green Desert

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