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Welcome to Green Desert

Green Desert is a humanitarian, nonprofit, nonpolitical, nonreligious, nongovernmental national Iraqi organization assisting traumatized people and children in Iraq and Kurdistan region of Iraq through psychotherapy, Psychosocial support, education and child protection.

What we do

Mental Health

The objectives of Green Desert Organization are to improve the mental health of the community members as well as providing educational and protection services to children from the host community, internally displaced persons and the refugees living in Kurdistan.

Community Work

Establishing a strong community especially on the aspect of mental health, in a way that all the community members that are in need of psychotherapy receive assistance and services, in order for beneficiaries to stabilize and become a strong part of the community again.


Enhancing and developing the educational level of host community, IDPs and refugees children in Kurdistan region.

Child Protection

Protecting children through different services, such as psychosocial support, family support and safe spaces resulting in the creation of a suitable environment to enhance their lives and guarantee a better and brighter future.

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