Green Desert

International Women’s Day

Embedded in VTs and livelihoods activities for men and woman, Green Desert engages men and boys to explore and challenge gender norms and masculinities to combat gender discrimination and violence. Group discussions and activities are conducted in the communities based on the manual “outside the box” by UN Women & ABAAD.

  1.  Decreasing gender discrimination through a more nuanced understanding of core concepts of gender and masculinities, addressing the relationship between power and GBV;
  2.  Complementing gender justice activities and discussions by working with men on their gendered socialization, attitudes and behaviors;
  3.  Working towards creating a culture of partnership, dialogue, empathy, and equality in Iraq through empowering men and women by challenging and dismantling violent masculinities and gender norms;
  4.  Strengthening the capacities of Green Desert’s community practitioners and advocates to understand, integrate and address critical gender issues in their work;
  5.  Gaining sophisticated understanding and knowledge of the different terms and concepts pertaining to gender and masculinities.