Green Desert

Two Week Campaign “Preventing Violence against Children”

“2 weeks campagin of preventing violence against children”

Green Desert is delighted to announce this campaign through different activities as below:

1.  Seminars and awareness sessions for ministries’ and other directorates’ employees:
-M.Culture and Youth
-M.Labour and Social Affairs
-M.Endowment and Religious Affairs
-M.Agriculture and Water Resources

2. Seminar for local NGOs
3. Seminar for the residents of (Darashakran, Qoshtapa and Kawargosk) refugee camps.
4_ Seminar for private schools
5.  Seminar for parents
6. Majdiland special event for children
7. Distributing brochure and posters
8. Friday speech at mosques
9. Participating in Radio and TV shows to talk about violence against children.
10.  A special event for children as a closure of the two week activism.